If this letter of recommendation for Tyler Kurbat is late, I beg your indulgence. It is entirely my fault. But this is an unusually easy letter to write, and I can sum it up in two words: Grab him...
— Mort Rosenblum, GlobalPost

My name is Tyler Kurbat.

I was born to write. I see the world in shades of beauty, I'm drawn to delicate characters full of strength, I care to catch the whispers and love to tame the pace.

I'm quite fond of tents, bikes, road trips and whiskey by the fire but I love few things as much as my God, my wife and my daughter. Oh, and our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Samwise.

My Mission

I aim to equip myself with the skills and experiences necessary to bringing a compelling narrative voice to the brands and people I love. The face of digital storytelling and custom content is changing more than ever, demanding explorers and creators -- wild men and women with the grit to live the tale and the guts to share it -- so the visions of the visionaries can meet the masses where it counts.

By way of Creative Branding, Messaging and Content Strategy, I aim to empower my fellow dreamers and doers. We will create.

My Experience

  • Content Strategy 
  • Robust Rallies for Non Profits
  • Border Coverage and News
  • Script Writing
  • Landing Page and Site Development
  • Keyword Integration and SEO
  • Creative Brand Strategy and Messaging
  • Blog Management and Content Calendars
  • Product Copy 
  • Features, Bios and Creative Writing
  • Marketing and Ad Copy
  • Catalog Themes and Taglines
  • A Skydive Marriage Proposal
  • Tagline Ideation