“Working with Tyler is an absolute pleasure—he has vision for creative projects, knows how to find and curate a talented team of contributors, and is on the ball with details and deadlines. Also, he’s just a fucking nice guy to be around.”
— Brendan Leonard, Semi-Rad
I worked with Tyler on a GORE-TEX branded winter content campaign. Tyler had a strong aptitude for balancing the clients wishes with what he believed was organic and relevant to the audience. Some agencies want to force content these days but Tyler knows when to push and when to let it be from the voice of the talent or creator. This is a tough balance. Beyond that he was on top of his managing the editorial, talent and keep the campaign on track.
— Chad Jackson, Brain Farm
If this letter of recommendation for Tyler Kurbat is late, I beg your indulgence. It is entirely my fault. But this is an unusually easy letter to write, and I can sum it up in two words: Grab him...
— Mort Rosenblum, GlobalPost

My name is Tyler Kurbat.

I was born to write. I see the world in shades of beauty, I'm drawn to delicate characters full of strength, I care to catch the whispers and love to tame the pace.

I'm quite fond of tents, bikes, road trips and whiskey by the fire but I love few things as much as my God, my wife and my daughter. Oh, and our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Samwise.

My Mission

I aim to equip myself with the skills and experiences necessary to bringing a compelling narrative voice to the brands and people I love. The face of digital storytelling and custom content is changing more than ever, demanding explorers and creators -- wild men and women with the grit to live the tale and the guts to share it -- so the visions of the visionaries can meet the masses where it counts.

By way of Creative Branding, Messaging and Content Strategy, I aim to empower my fellow dreamers and doers. We will create.

My Experience

  • Content Strategy 
  • Robust Rallies for Non Profits
  • Border Coverage and News
  • Script Writing
  • Landing Page and Site Development
  • Keyword Integration and SEO
  • Creative Brand Strategy and Messaging
  • Blog Management and Content Calendars
  • Product Copy 
  • Features, Bios and Creative Writing
  • Marketing and Ad Copy
  • Catalog Themes and Taglines
  • A Skydive Marriage Proposal
  • Tagline Ideation