I live in Arizona and currently work at LaneTerralever where I manage content for the GORE-TEX® brand.

I sharpened my mind trekking around the White Mountains, running rivers, backpacking, Jeeping through the wild that's still in the west and playing cribbage with my grandfather.

The trees taught me never to complain about my position in life. All I can do is reach for the light and remember my roots.

I AM: a storyteller, people listener, honest writer, crafty content producer, lover of tents, action sports enthusiast, scar collector, adrenaline seeker, older brother, patient peer, wanter of wisdom, doer of dares, reader of books, skydiver, BMX rider, urban explorer, husband, father and a man of my word.

I HAVE LEARNED: dynamic positions require bold perspectives, curiosity pays off, each team needs a leader, every person has a story worth telling, every experience is an adventure, the world is as nice as we choose to see it, creativity is contagious, passion is power, life moves pretty fast and if you don't stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.

And I recently discovered that the formula for adventure is quite simple: All you do is subtract "I would" and add "I did". 

I HOPE: to never sit still, to always explore the cultures outside my own, to bring the action sports lifestyle to an intentional realm, to seek truth, raise awareness and challenge the norm, to promote inspiration and hope, to start a family of groms who go camping with me and challenge me to lead with integrity and humility, to remind people that failure is not fatal, fear is temporary and to be as real as possible in everything I am and all that I do.

I'm deeply invested in bringing experience to the brand level in creative, compelling and bold new frontiers.